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What Sets Us Apart

Join Our Family of Patients

We believe that one visit with us will turn you into a long-term patient. We focus all our efforts on you: your needs, your comfort, your education, and your smile.

Each member of our staff is able to discuss treatment options in a clear and understandable fashion. We believe that informed customers are happy customers.

In addition to our focus on your needs, our Issaquah dental office is a leader in the cosmetic and general dentistry field. We love nothing more than to show our patients how cosmetic dentistry is able to benefit them and discuss all the different treatment options we have available.

Your Time

We understand your time is precious. Although we love our waiting room (and hope you do too!), we understand there are other places you’d rather be. We value your time so we commit to doing everything in our power to ensure your visit with us is as efficient as possible.

What sets us apart from the rest?

  • We enjoy taking the time to explain all necessary procedures and encourage our patients to ask questions and stay involved in the treatment planning process.
  • We continue to keep up to date with the latest dental technologies and procedures.
  • We are focused on long-term oral health and practice preventive dentistry.
  • Since we are a multiple-doctor office, a second opinion is always available and appointments are easier to schedule.
  • Both doctors grew up in the Seattle area and attended the prestigious University of Washington School of Dentistry.

Health-Oriented Care

  • Patients are exposed to less radiation from digital X-rays.
  • All water used in the office is purified water.
  • We do not place mercury fillings (silver fillings).
  • Most crowns are all ceramic with no metal.
  • The IsoDry system is employed instead of a rubber dam. This system is more comfortable and easier to place and remove than regular rubber dams.
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